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The ceramic slipcast cup series are static single objects that look like interlocking links, one seeming to float above the table's surface, the other providing a handle to hold.
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Refract bottles
The design of a simple ceramic bottle was altered, as if refracted. This idea was developed after seeing how the refraction of an everyday object can change its character. Refracting the shape gives the bottles an animated appearance and enhances a human quality. Their use is at the owners discretion a vase, for salad dressing, or an ornament
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The body of the structure consists of a repeat slipcast link, levels of which can be added as desired. The links form an open fretwork that throws light around the piece. The light is available with a choice of 2 different sized top rings, and 70 (or 78), links. More links can be ordered on request and colours are also available.
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Articulating Screen
Using sycamore veneer, a ‘surface’ of curved, wooden links articulates between metal bars. This product can be utilised in many ways - a sliding door, (for instance, on the side of a coffee table or a bookshelf), a stand alone screen, a room divider or a decorative curtain.

Although shown in wood and metal, plastic could also be used.
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