Sara graduated from Brighton University in 2007 after studying for a degree in craft based design.  A previous career in the jewellery industry left her keen to enhance her making and designing skills further, in order to develop a product range for interiors. By exploring design concepts and experimenting with making in different materials, Sara has developed, for her work, a new design ethos.  
' My work is not 'consciously' trend driven.  For me, no matter what the concept, it's all about shape, and the form of an object, a characteristic that always becomes apparent when I start to make. I think with my particular making abilities that my pieces  cross over into a more sculptural realm. I hope this will bring a certain longevity to my pieces.'
Making is still important to the design process, but Sara is studying technologies such as computer aided design to see how this can be incorporated into developing new lines. Some of the items shown here are being developed with manufacturers in the UK and with be available for sale shortly.  All products can be made as individual items, as a bespoke service tailored to the customers requirements.
"I like structures, I like shapes, I like creating a vibe in interiors by the use of form whether this is lighting or domestic ware or some kind of architectural construction."
Sara is also available for design projects and is used to working with either strict, or more open design briefs. She enjoys the collaboration process, and exploring new design possibilities presented by working with others.  
If you are interested in any of the products, or wish to discuss design commissions, please contact me.
e-mail - :  tel - +44(0)1273 689474 :  mob - 07828 288846